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Targeting Chronic Pain with Radial Pulse Waves

3 Key Fact in Pain Relief:

Reduces swelling
Increases Circulation
Expedites Healing

Do you have constant pain that is affecting your quality of life? Radial Pulse Wave Therapy is an FDA approved therapy that provides lasting pain relief

Radial Pulse Wave TherapyThere are several conditions that can cause chronic pain. Most of the time, people decide that just accepting the pain is their only option. Maybe they have tried pain killers or injections, but these only provide temporary relief and risks outweigh the benefits.

We have patients come into our offices all the time, so desperate for somethin... anything that will bring them lasting relief for their terrible pain. They just want to feel good again!

At Preferred Spine & Rehab in Fairview Heights, we have dedicated outselves to bringing in the most advanced medical technologies available to help our patients get well fast.

We are proud to announce our newest addition to our excellent therapy programs. Radial Pulse Wave Therapy is FDA approved for many conditions that cause chronic pain. We decided to bring it int our practice because of its unique ability to target hard to relieve pain that tends to return often.

These conditions include but are not exclusive to chronic joint pain, tennis elbow, spinal fusion pain, many forms of tendonitis, bone spurs, plantar fasciitiis and stress fractures.

Radial Pulse Wave Therapy has ability to effectively improve circulation and nerve function, reduce your pain and numbness caused by many and these conditions.

How does the Radial Pulse Wave work?

Radial Pulse Wave TherapyWith its ability to target the source of pain, the RPW Therapy is a very powerful tool for the treatment of chronic conditions.

Radial Pulse Wave Therapy provides fast pain relief by accelerating healing, increasing cellular energy levels, improving range of motion and function while reducing inflammation.

With each treatment, radial pulse waves increases circulation drawing water, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area. This creates an optimal healing environment that reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasm, stiffness and pain. The lasers ability to biostimulate tissue growth and repair results in actually healing tissue.

RPW Therapy has emerged as the leading choice in the treatment of many chronic orthopedic disorders due to its ability to produce an analgesic effect on injuries while stimulating the body's self healing. Intense pulse waves initiate metabolic activity to promote healing.

We have had such great success helping our patients who are suffering from this chronic pain using our new treatment, that we are offering for a limited time - the chance to come in for free to see if you qualify.