Patient Testimonials

"My pain has been greatly reduced and I am able to walk much more easily and with better posture.  The laser treatments, adjustments and exercise therapy have all greatly helped, even when I've had pain and discomfort a day or two after.  The recommendations of ice and home exercise have also aided in relieving pain.  I'm looking forward to further improvement in the coming weeks with continued care."

~ Vernon G. 

"By me being a hairstylist, it was hard for me to stand up and work on my clients after my accident.  Now, I can stand for longer hours without pain!"

~ Shundrea S 

The treatments have greatly reduced my pain and allowed me to stop taking medication. 

~ David F. 

“I feel 100% better since I since started and I am standing up straight again.  I was hunching over from my neck hurting.  The office staff has all been wonderful and very knowledgeable of the equipment."

~ Susan R. 

The benefits of coming to the office have definitely helped me out many of time.  The doctor and all of the staff have been a great help assisting me along the right way every time I have an appointment.

~ Cory R. 

I came in with low back pain and hip pain, and basically my whole upper body was numb, that’s the main reason I came in and since my treatment I have had no pain and no numbness in my hips and back, which I always have hip pain all of the time.  I’ve been working really hard lately and not experiencing any pain and have been feeling really good.  Thank you very much Preferred Spine and Rehab.

~ David H. 

To sum it up, I feel better in body, mind and spirit.  After about 11 months of a variety of treatments and some work on my own, I have reduced my pains to more of an intermittent discomfort.  The people have been very helpful, professional and the friendliness really helps reduce stress!  Many thanks to Dr. Renner and his staff!  Keep up the good work.

~ Chuck U. 

It has helped me be able to go back to my normal activities again.

~ Michael W. 


It is amazing the difference between the time I first stepped in the office and right now.  I am more than pleased.  I really thought that I would end up with a walker or worse.  I was going down fast.
The staff here is amazing, very professional, empathetic, informative and kind.  I have referred my friends to come here.  I just hope they come!  It would be a most wise decision.

~ Cathy E. 

A year ago at this time, my husband and I went to Niagara Falls on our vacation.  Our activities were very limited because I have fibromyalgia.  My legs and body were very weak and hurt when I walked.  This year we went to Dollywood in Tennessee.  After a short time of Corrective chiropractic care with Dr. Worth, it was amazing how different our vacation was.  I had a lot more energy and I was able to walk without pain in my legs and body.  Also, last year I could hardly make it through one outlet mall.  This year I made it through four.  I give all the credit to Dr. Worth and God’s healing power through chiropractic.

~ Lois R. 

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