About Preferred Spine & Rehab

A Fairview Heights Wellness Center

Preferred Spine & Rehab was established in 1995 in Fairview Heights, IL. Our clinic has been effectively treating spinal problems and providing neck and back pain relief for St. Claire County and Metro East Area residents for more than 15 years. Our ongoing success is attributed to a friendly, professional staff, our specialized back pain relief programs, and our patients' diligent work and commitment to their own personal health.

Whole Body Health & Pain Relief

As spine doctors interested in whole body health, we are quite unlike your typical Chiropractor. We go beyond the spectrum of average chiropractic care by addressing a multitude of health problems such as asthma, allergies, and other common ailments utilizing a mixture of safe (and often natural) corrective treatments.

Most back pain cases are mechanical in nature, meaning that the pain is completely treatable with advanced therapies such as:

Focus on Preventive Care

Our experienced team practices the 'wellness model' of health care, which advocates prevention of illness rather than simply treating the symptoms. After identifying the root cause of a patient's illness, we develop a personalized care plan to help alleviate the symptoms and ultimately improve the patient's overall health.

Achieve Health & Wellness Today!

The first step towards wellness is simple: schedule your New Patient Consultation and exam at our Fairview Heights clinic. After a thorough examination we'll work one-on-one with you to select the best treatment plan for lifelong pain & symptom relief. We look forward to meeting you soon!