Any pain in the region from the neck to the head is considered a headache or cephalalgia. The pain derives by a disturbance or disruption of the pain-sensitive structures around the brain, such as the muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, eyes and so forth. Headaches cause scalp, head and neck pain. Research indicates that each year 90% of people suffer from headaches.

Tension Headache Causes

Most commonly, headaches result from muscle tension in your scalp, jaw, shoulders, and neck. Typically, an excess amount of stress and tension in the shoulders can cause the surrounding neck muscles to contraction. As a result of these contractions, the vertebrae can become misaligned, which then will cause pressure on the spinal nerves and end with pain.

Tension headaches are caused by a variety of psychological issues, including:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress

Headaches are common when people have unhealthy habits such as sleep deprivation,unbalanced diets, poor posture, smoking, drinking alcohol or taking street drugs. Tyramine, found in certain foods and alcohols, can cause headaches. This chemical is found in several types of cheese, chocolate, processed meats (lunch meat) and red wine.

Headache Pain Relief

Headaches may be a sign of another injury or condition, like whiplash or spinal stenosis. Chiropractic Care, our corrective spinal treatment, works to properly align the vertebrae and reduce the muscle tension in the shoulders, neck, and head, while Massage Therapy alleviates physical and emotional stress when patients are unable to do so themselves. Sign-up for a Free New Patient Consultation today and take the first step towards headache relief!