A Short Study on the Treatment of Sinus Infections


Sinus infections can be mighty painful, as well as tiresome. You can blow your nose all day and still not experience any positive results, such as headache relief or the ability to breathe through the nostrils. So, what do you do when you normally have a sinus infection? Do you schedule an appointment with your physician? Or do you wait it out, and hope that it is viral, and not bacterial?  Will a pill cure your infection? Read on to find out what these researchers concluded in a sinus study.

The Sinus Study

Before you call up your doctor, think about this study held by researchers at Washington University. The study followed 166 healthy adults (without pre-existing conditions) who suffered from sinus infections. The study group was divided into two groups, where group A was given an antibiotic for the sinus infection and group B was dispensed a pseudo pill (sugar pill). 

The Conclusion

After ten days the two groups were asked how they felt. 80% of the subjects in both Group A and Group B said they felt better. Isn’t that something?  Both groups were taking over the counter medication for congestion, cough, and pain.

The study was featured on CNN by reporter Cheryl Castro, who reported that one in five antibiotic prescriptions is written to treatment sinus infections. 

Symptoms of a Sinus Infection

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the following symptoms are caused by a sinus infection. Symptoms include:

Cough Nasal congestion or discharge
Facial pain Sore throat
Fatigue Tooth pain
Fever Unpleasant breath


These symptoms are very similar to that of a common cold. Facial pain is what distinguishes a sinus infection from a common cold. Tooth pain is another hint that an infection is present.

Go to the Doctor
For some people going to the doctor is a big decision because there’s a lot of money, missed work, and so forth involved. If you have a bacterial infection, you’ll have to see a doctor because the infection can’t go away on its own, but there’s no way of knowing that. So, it may be advisable to see your family doctor when you or your child experience:

  • A temperature above 100.4° F
  • Symptoms lasting over 10 days
  • Over-the-counter medication doesn’t provide relief
  • Multiple episodes of sinusitis in the past year

To hear more about the sinus study, go to the video at:


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