Good Posture Helps Reduce Low Back Pain


You can’t and won’t get younger, that’s a fact; unless of course, you’ve discovered the fountain of youth. Oh, no discovery? That’s okay! You can do things to prevent the painful physical affects that accompany age. Let’s start by reducing low back pain.

Your chronic back pain may simply be the root of a bad habit. Think about when your neck or low back hurts. Does it present itself after a car ride, or while you’re sitting in an office chair? These hard, unsupportive chairs have the potential to do a number on your spine, especially if you go through the day with poor posture.

Why is Good Posture Important?

Good posture plays a large role in the body’s energy, stamina, breathing, and circulation. If you choose to correct your bad posture, all these things will improve.

Good posture is important because it helps to:

  • Keep bones and joints in correct alignment so muscles can be used properly
  • Decrease abnormal wear and tear of joint surfaces that could result in arthritis
  • Decrease stress on the facet joints’ ligaments
  • Keeps spine limber and prevents it from locking in abnormal positions
  • Prevents muscular fatigue, backaches, spasms, and even headaches

Correcting Office Chair Posture
To correct your poor office chair posture, first begin by aligning your back with the chair. Remember to keep your shoulders straight and avoid slouching and leaning forward to the screen. Keep your chin up and while at the desk, plant your feet flat on the floor and keep aligned with your neck and back. Following all of these steps may just solve your low back pain problem.

Steer Towards Good Posture
Buckle up and sit with your back firmly pressed against the seat; this move will provide the proper support your body needs. Position your seat properly by making sure the distance from your pedals and steering wheel will help you avoid leaning forward. If you are driving for a long period of time, remember to get out, stretch and walk around to reduce the pain and stiffness.  If you conclude your car seat just does not provide adequate support, try a supportive car seat cushion.

Additional Low Back Pain Relieve

If you are waking with back pain, please read about Bedtime Back Pain.  If the pain persists for more than four days, it may be a good idea to have a Free Consultation with your spine doctor or physician.